Can  you feel it?  The energetic release that comes with the Full Moon?

The New Moon in Mars really shook things up for a LOT of people.

Not only are we having a Full Moon, but there is also a partial lunar eclipse that will be most visible in Africa and Asia.

With the Full Moon in Aquarius, it is a great time to focus on any aspect of your life that is guided primarily by emotions such as friendships, relationships and family.  

By being in tune with your own emotional needs and intentions, you will have more clarity about the imbalances in relationships of all kinds.

The lunar eclipse represents a resetting of emotions, clearing away old baggage from the last 6 months and welcoming in new relationships and experiences.

With the energies of Jupiter and Pluto in effect, you may find yourself focused on success in the workplace or inspired to start a new side business.  You may feel an intense desire to step up to the next level and embrace the spotlight of leadership.  Just remember, problems always come before solutions so pay attention to those little clues that light the path for your next big step.

Lunar Eclipse times & dates: 
Los Angeles August 7 – 11:10 am
New York August 7 – 2:10 pm
London August 7 – 7:10 pm
Delhi August 7 – 11:40 pm
Sydney August 8 – 4:10 am

You can learn more about this special Full Moon here:

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Full Moon Releasing Ritual:

1. Write down all that does not serve you any more on a piece of paper. This can include attitudes, emotions, people, relationships, illness, pain, habits, addictions… Anything that you want to release.
2. Go outside and burn the paper, releasing the things that do not serve you back to the universe. Be sure to stay aware of your surroundings for fire safety reasons. Some people like to douse the ashes with salt water for an additional connection to the earth & sea.
3. Say thank you. 

As always set the crystals outside over the next couple of nights for a full moon bath and charge!!

“Full moon shining bright, let your light cleanse my sight. Attract new beginnings to my life”

By putting the crystals under the energy of the full moon, you are helping them release their energies that have built up over the last cycle so that they may begin to attract new energies and beginnings for you.

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