Fall Equinox

(September 22, 2018)

The Fall Equinox is about honoring balance in your life.

As we transition from Summer to Autumn, our energy shifts with the seasons.  The playful and carefree spirit of Summer gives way to the introspective and restorative energy of Winter.  Autumn (or Fall) is the transition period that gives you time to reflect on the Summer & prepare for the Winter.  It’s ‘Harvest Time’!

To tap into the energy of the Fall Equinox, I recommend the following crystals:

Aquamarine:  Aquamarine is the stone of courage.  Wear Aquamarine to have the courage to let go of what is no longer serving you during this time of energetic shifting.  Like the trees release the leaves of Summer, it’s your time to release the old to make room for the next period of growth (Spring) after a time of restoration (Winter).

Fluorite:  Fluorite is a great crystal for decision making.  While Aquamarine gives you the courage to let go, Fluorite helps you determine what is no longer serving you.

Carnelian:  Carnelian is the stone of creation.  When we release, we are signaling to the Universe that we are ready for new levels of consciousness while creating new experiences and realities for ourselves.  Carnelian embodies the color of Autumn (fiery orange) and carries with it an energy of excitement and possibilities.


Many people around the world celebrate the Fall Equinox with rituals and festivals.

As a matter of fact, Thanksgiving in America is based on the Harvest celebrations of the Fall Equinox.  It is a time of connection, celebration and gratitude.

Bodhi Tree has 4 great recommendations for Fall Equinox Rituals:

Clear Your Space:  As you clear your energies with crystals, take the time to honor your space with the same intention.  Clean out the clutter that may have accumulated, give your home a good smudging with Sage, rearrange your furniture, change out your bed linens for warmer ones…  Prepare your home and space for Winter.

Enhance Your Dreams:  As the hustle & bustle from Summer winds down, take time to tap into your intuition and set the intention before bed to tap into your dreams.  Bodhi Tree recommends using Amethyst for this (and I agree!).

Set Your Intentions:  During this time of reflection, it is a great time to set your intentions for what you want to “incubate” for the coming year.  Take time for yourself to create a space of calm (light candles, burn some incense) and then journal about how you would like next year to look for you.  What seeds do you intend to plant?

Restore Your Health:  What have you done lately to cleanse your body?  Maybe it’s time for a fast, a deep tissue massage, a Reiki session…  Take the time to pay attention to your body and listen to what it needs during this transitional time…

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