Faith & Allowing

This topic has hit very close to home for me!
Living by Faith and by allowing the outcome without any attachments has been the only way I have survived!

I want to start out by telling you a bit of a story… 

As some of you already know, I almost lost my son Dec. 26th, 2008. He went from a perfectly healthy 10 in a half month old baby, to being on life support with brain death.

This all was caused by a blood pressure pill that William accidentally swallowed.  This caused a lack of oxygen witch was followed by severe brain injury. One of my in-laws dropped a  pill and without us knowing, my son swallowed this pill right before his nap time. While I thought he was napping, he was actually struggling to breathe.

When I was faced  this tragedy, I had a choice, to either give up or choose faith. I chose to have Faith!

I was completely heart broken, but I knew that he had lived for a reason and I chose to trust and have faith that he would heal. I of course didn’t know what this healing would look like and I tried to force it as much as I could.

Part of having Faith is allowing the healing to come. You can’t force it, and trust me you can’t change the time frame in which the healing shows. You have to start to notice the small miracles and stop comparing your story to anyone else’s. I fell victim of comparing my son’s healing to many other children who woke up from their comas unaltered.

I have seen some children heal and I have witnessed some children pass away. What I have learned is that we know nothing and that we need to have faith that everything, even the unimaginable miracles or  tragedies are happening as it should.

What I have found to be most helpful is to raise my vibration, but also to allow space for the healing and then have faith without any expectation.

Holistic RX Remedy for Faith & Allowing

Selenite-Raising your vibration and keeping your energy cleansed
Clear Quartz– Adding energy to you intention
Angelite– Opening your throat chakra for communication
Amethyst– Powerful healing crystal with a
Rose Quartz– Opening your Heart Chakra to allow trust

Essential Oils:
1. Frankincense
2. Serenity Blend
3. Rose Oil.

Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung

I allow the space for healing in my life without any expectation. Everything is working out for my highest and best


Child’s pose, Bridge, Reclined Bound Angel

The Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung chant or mantra was first introduced in the 1970’s as a prayer for healing energy for our family, friends and ourselves.

During this mantra, you want to sit in a comfortable seated position with your hands to your side and your palms flat and outstretched, as if someone were about to place a piece of paper on your hands.

Each of the sounds in the mantra have a specific meaning:
Ra = Sun & fire energy
Ma = Moon & water energy
Daa = Earth & grounding energy
Sa = Air & personal energy
Sa Say = Ultimate infinite energy of the Universe
Hung = The infinite, vibrating & real

This helps you tap into the energies of the Sun, Moon & Earth and connect your infinite being with the infinite Spirit.

Try adding this mantra with supportive crystals like Selenite, Angelite or Rose Quartz.  

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