Full Moon in Scorpio

May 18, 2019

This is time to
release opposing forces
in your life

This full moon will highlight opposing forces in your life. For example, inner tensions vs. external pressures.

This full moon is opposite the planet Mercury, ruler of communication.

This will cause us to examine more closing what we chose to communicate for the purpose of releasing stuck energy that has been holding you back. Ask yourself, “What you having been holding onto that needs to be expressed?”, you will feel lighter.

Crystal Recommendations for the May 18 Full Moon In Scorpio 

Amazonite – Communicating from you heart. Releasing unsaid emotions and feelings for healing and transformation.

Smokey Quartz – Helping you to feel grounded and protected during this process. Releasing energies, habits, and thought patterns that have been holding you back from fully moving forward in your life.

Selenite – Cleansing your Auric Field, unblocking stagnant, and releasing stuck energies. Connecting you to intuitive Moon energies. It helps to activate the higher chakras and facilitate deep meditations.

Full Moon Ceremony 

Make the decision about what you are ready to release with the full moon. What are you no longer going to allow to hold you back?

~ Set the mood of your space by lighting candles or incense, smudging, or diffuse your favorite essential oils… If you are using essential oils, I recommend lavender and frankincense for the calming energy.

~ Collect your crystals.  In addition to Amazonite, Smokey Quarts & Selenite, you may want to add Moonstone (for it’s calming energy of new beginnings) and Clear Quartz to amplify your intentions.

~ Play music /  mantra of your choice – For this Full Moon, I recommend the Mantra Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha chant for removing obstacles.

~ In your journal or on notebook paper, write out what you are releasing, what is no longer serving you and release the energies that are blocking you path to growth.

~ Burn your release.  Take the paper you wrote your releases down on and burn it in a safe place, preferably outdoors.  This is an act of trust.  You are returning these things back to the Universe. 

~ Make a full moon crystal elixir with Smokey Quartz.

~ Close your ceremony with gratitude

Your Full Moon releasing ceremony is best done outdoors, within 3 days of the actual Full Moon – even better if you are able to complete your ceremony under the Full Moon itself!  Choose crystals to leave outside for a Full Moon energy bath.

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