Summer Solstice 2019

June 21, 2019

First Day of Summer

Longest Day of the Year

Summer Solstice Meaning in Latin – Sun Standing still

What lights your soul on fire?

We will be celebrating the Summer Solstice Friday June 21st at the exact moment the sun reaches the Tropic of Cancer.

It’s a time of change and the beginning of a new season, a celebration of a new Season

The seeds of Spring have been planted and now it is time to let nature takes its course. This helps to teach us patience and trust. Trusting that you have done with work and metaphorically planted your seeds of intention.

The Summer Solstice has been celebrated since ancient times and it is one of the earliest astronomical observations in Human History.

One of my favorite Spiritual Meanings behind the Summer Solstice is the celebration of the return to light. It reminds us all of the light we have within and inspires us to reach our full potential of enlightenment, awaken, to reach Christ-like consciousness,or ascension, whatever you like to call it. In short, it ultimately is the triumph of light over dark. It’s a great time to reflect inward.

It also represents change & new beginnings. The days are now beginning to become shorter, its the beginning of the Northern Hemisphere turning back to winter.

Some ancient folklore believe that the walls between the human and the spiritual world become closer than ever, paper thin, and that we can pass easily between the worlds.

Below are some questions to ask yourself and to contemplate, inspiration for a journal entry…

  1. What sparks your light within? What lights you up and sets your soul on fire?
  2. What are some new beginnings that you would like to invite into your life?
  3. Where in your life has light triumphed over darkness
  4. Where are you on your spiritual journal? What are your Spiritual goals and how will you achieve them?

One major summer Solstice Ritual is to light a fire, the fire representing the sun. I encourage you to burn your journal entries as an act of trust.

Crystal Recommendations for the 2019 Summer Solstice

Sunstone – Connects us to the energy of the sun. It’s reflective surface reminds us of the sparks of light we have within.

Citrine – An uplifting stone that boosts our self-esteem and attracts wealth, abundance, and prosperity to our lives.

Peach Moonstone – This is the stone of New Beginnings and creation. Promotes intuition, creativity & new beginnings.

Ritual of the Summer Solstice Fire

(a fire or a simple candle flame may be used)

“Holy is this fire of midsummer’s eve, and holy are you, O God.

From your burning heart you drew forth a fiery ball

and flung it into space.

Your laughter shook the empty cosmos and echoed again and again

until the darkness of space resounded with your love and with fire.

You reached in again and drew forth fire and seeded it like yeast

in each atom, plant and animal, each bird, fish, man, and woman.

And you gave us a special star, our sun, aflame with a life-evoking energy

to make our planet green and fertile,

sun-soaked in your love.

“As we celebrate this solstice feast,

open our eyes to the countless wonders

and to the sparks of fire-life that you have planted in each of us.

May this holy and magical night

be aglow with star-fire and God-light

as we once again begin the sacred season of summer.


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