The Fall Equinox is a time of reflection, healing and shedding what is no longer serving us.

That means, you’ll need to not only reflect on the good things that have transpired over the last few months but also face the negative energies…. and then release them.

During this Fall Equinox, the Sun is moving into Libra – the sign of balance, harmony & good will.  

As our collective subconscious energy is ascending, you may find yourself more productive and passionate about projects you’ve previously put aside. Embrace the energy of Libra and take time to rest & relax after your bursts of creativity or you may find yourself lazing around on the couch when you *should* be productive.

During this time of Ascending Energy, you will be faced with some of your negative patterns.  It is impossible to move into a higher vibration while carrying the energy of yesterday’s negativity with you.  Instead of coming to a complete stop… Just slow down, acknowledge the lesson in the negative pattern, then move through it.

Historically, Fall is the time of year for harvest, celebrating the fruits of our year-long labor.

This is a time of prosperity and good fortune.   What are you proud of this year?  What seeds did you sow in the Spring that are ready for harvest in the Fall, restoring the balance of your productive energy?

Crystals for the Fall Equinox:
Yellow Topaz
CitrineIf you need more support during this time and would like a custom Holistic RXduring this time, you can book a private, one-on-one consultation here >>
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