Empaths & healers are highly sensitive people who absorb energies around them.  Frequently, empaths find it difficult to separate their emotions from the emotions they are picking up from other people around them.  For seemingly no reason, they find themselves sad or they find their moods fluctuating quickly from joy to sorrow and everything in between.  

Signs you may be an empath:

  • Drawn to be a healer (nurse, doctor, chiropractor, reiki, etc)
  • Have the uncanny ability to “know* what other people are thinking or feeling
  • Wildly fluctuating emotions
  • Prone to illnesses
  • Overwhelmed by crowded spaces

Everyone has empathy but some people are naturally more gifted than others – just the same as some bodies are more athletic, some minds are are naturally more empathetic.   

Animals are naturally empathetic.  If you’ve ever worked around horses or spent time with dogs, you can, without a doubt, recall a time when the animal acted out of character around someone in particular.  I had a dog, Lucy, who was very sweet & gentle.  Out of nowhere, she BIT a stranger.  She had never been aggressive before or after and it was completely out of the blue.  

I’m sure you’ve got a similar story.  Maybe there are some people you just can’t stand to be around – for no apparent reason.  You have a “knowing” about other people.  You are what is called an Empath.  

While being gifted at empathy has many advantages (you’ll rarely lose at poker!), it can have its challenges as well.  You may find it hard to “turn off” your “feelers”, getting caught up in your loved ones challenges and problems because you feel them as no one else does.  Sometimes you get overwhelmed by too much emotional energy around you and you may find events like weddings, funerals and parties to be emotionally challenging and draining.  You may find it challenging to separate your own emotions within a situation from the other people involved…  Does that sound familiar?

Empaths and healers often struggle most with staying grounded while being bombarded with the emotions they pick up from their surroundings. Like a radio that is always turned on, they continuously pick up signals.  By being proactive about protecting your energy, not only are you happier and more centered, you are also better able to help the people you love & serve.

The good news is, there are steps you can take to prevent getting lost and emotionally tangled with other people.  By taking these steps, you are better able to observe other people’s emotions while remaining grounded.  This helps you come from a place of love and service to your friends and family instead of taking on their energetic problems as your own.

Crystals for Empaths & Healers:
Lepidolite – Reduces anxiety, known as the healer’s stone, balances emotions, brings awareness to the spiritual side of challenging situations

Selenite – Cleanses your energy field and aura.  Great to use to cleanse the energy field of you & those you are treating before and after treatments.

Black Tourmaline – Absorbs unwanted energies & emotions from other people, keeps you grounded.

Amethyst – A protective stone that stimulates the crown chakra.  Strengthens your connection to Source Energy, clarifies our feelings.  Helps separate your feelings from the emotions you are picking up from others.  Stimulates psychic abilities.

Rose Quartz – Stone of infinite peace & self-love.  Empaths and healers are prone to put themselves last.  Rose Quartz reminds us to take care of ourselves first so we can better care for others.

Hematite – Deflects other people’s emotions.  Is like the “teflon” of the crystal world – nothing will stick, but you are still aware of it.  Helps keep you grounded

Yoga can help you stay grounded and in tune with your own emotions.  By tuning into how YOU feel, you are better able to discern what doesn’t belong to you and can send the energy back where it came from or reach out and help if you feel called to do so.   

Yoga poses that will benefit you the most are ones that keep you grounded and in touch with the Earth energies.  These standing poses help ground your energy – like a tree with deep roots, you are better able to whether the storm of emotions that bombard you daily.

Yoga Poses for Empaths & Healers:

  • Mountain Pose
  • Tree Pose
  • Forward Bend
  • Plank Pose (to build your core strength)

Mantra – In this moment, I am rooted down and connected to Earth’s stable & healing energy

Affirmation – I am breathing in this present moment

Essential Oils for Empaths & Healers:

Frankincense – Opens our energy field to Source Energy.  Earthy & grounding.

Vetiver – Releases emotions.  Grounding.

Lavender – Calming & soothing

Sometimes, writing in our journal can help us become more aware of when we are giving away our energy or getting caught up in emotions and situations that don’t belong to us.  

Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed.  Set the mood with soothing music and lighting.  Write in your journal:   “Where in my life do I feel ungrounded or stuck?”  What comes up for you?  Is it a person?  A situation?  Something to do with your body or health?  Maybe something to do with a relationship or your work?  If you have trouble tapping into the root cause of feeling stuck, try writing with your non-dominant hand.  This bypasses your logical thinking and taps directly into your subconscious.  

Now that I’ve shared some tools on how to protect your energy, fine tune your connection with others and remain grounded in the process, you may wonder where to start…  

First of all, always trust your intuition.  Have a hunch to play a particular song or light a nicely scented candle?  Do so.  Feel the need to lie down for a few minutes and relax?   Honor that within yourself.  

Here are some of the ways I incorporate all of these tools in my life…

You may like to try:  

-When practicing yoga, place crystals on your yoga mat

-When meditating, hold Amethyst near your third eye chakra (center of your forehead) to amplify your connection with source energy.  You can lie down and let the Amethyst rest on your forehead.

-Feeling overwhelmed by negative emotions?  Hold black tourmaline in your hand while firmly placing your feet on the ground (barefoot in the grass or dirt is even better!)

– When writing in your journal, hold your chosen crystal in your non-writing hand – or wear it as a bracelet – to tune into the energy of that crystal and harness the energy in your journal work.

-Use black tourmaline when working with a client by placing it at their fingertips or toes to encourage the energy to leave their body and bring them into the present moment.

– Wear or carry Selenite on your body to constantly keep your energy field cleansed.

– Lay Rose Quartz on your heart center to recharge.  Do the same for your clients when you are working with them.  Wear a Rose Quartz necklace that falls at your heart center throughout the day.

– Rub essential oils in your hands to warm them up.  Bring to your nose and breathe deeply, with your eyes closed.  Hold the breath for 4 counts.  Breathe out slowly through your mouth.

– Put Black Tourmaline in your bathwater to absorb energies that no longer serve you.

– Create a self-love elixir by placing a piece of Rose Quartz into a water container in your fridge.  Let the water absorb the energy of the crystal for 24-48 hours.  Sip throughout the day.

These are just SOME of the ways I like to incorporate these tools into my daily life.  Do what feels good to you.  Listen to that quiet little tickle in the back of your mind.  Let your intuition guide you to what is right for you.  By starting with some of the ideas I’ve shared with you today, you will activate & honor your spiritual side and, if you listen, it will guide you to what YOUR spirit wants and needs.

Crystal blessings,
Laura Weigel

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