Are you feeling all the energies right now?

Coming up this week we have a New Moon on Wednesday the 20th, We have the Fall Equinox on Friday the 22nd and another Ascension energy wave coming on Sat. the 23rd.

What does this all mean for you? Let me break this down for you…

New Moon in Virgo~ Manifesting…. a fresh start, change, turning over a new leaf, let what is no longer serving fall to the way side. Virgo is a helping, healing, and teaching sign. 

Think about these aspects when writing down your manifestation list. What needs to be healed? What do you still need to learn? What practice could you incorparaote to enhance your meditation. a new health regimen, and effective communication?

Fall Equinox~ Slowing down reeping what youv’e sown. This Spring you planted your intentions, during the nourished and tended to your intentions to help them grow.

This Fall is the time for you relish in your manifestations to be grateful, its time to slow down and cherish what you have. Its time to let expectations and harvests that didn’t make it fall to the wayside. Bask in what did grow and thrive. Time to slow down, bring balance, use oil internally and externally, its a time of dryness, harvest your labors, look within at shadows, find balance between activity and rest, between what life has dealt you and what you can control.

Ascension Energy wave~ Gradual expansion, awakening, change, enlightenment…  This is the next wave of a collective awakening in the global consciousness.  Look back how far you’ve come. The last big wave was in 2012.  How far have you come on your spiritual journey since then?

Like a deep sea diver, emerging from the depths, we ascend gradually & slowly.  Practice mindfulness.  Slow down.  Pay attention to how you are feeling.  This is a great time to journal and document the shifts that are taking place in your life.  You may feel excited, anxious or have unexplained nervous energy.  On the other hand, you may need a lot of sleep and quiet time.  Honor your own journey during this time.  You may suddenly find a boring topic fascinating and want to learn all you can about it, you may experience the intense need to travel or go on adventures, or you may start to feel the itch of wanting a career or life change.  These are all normal during these times of shifts and change.  

Crystals for Ascension: 
Spirit Quartz
Herkimar Diamond
AmethystIf you need more support during this time and would like a custom Holistic RX during this time, you can book a private, one-on-one consultation here >>

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Setting your New Moon intention + blessing:

Give yourself up to 30 minutes of privacy & solitude.

Light a candle, burn some sage, and relax, creating a space of relaxation.

Write out your intentions for the next month.  What do you want to focus your energy on?  What would you like to have happen?

Read your intentions out loud while having your hands covering your heart chakra.

Then release it to the universe!

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