New Moon in Virgo

August 30, 2019

Connect & Reset

This week, we see the Grand Trine which is a positive Sacred Geometry shape alignment of multiple planets, also called the Golden Triangle. This can bring you a renewed sense of determination, inspiration, clarity & tranquility. 

The planets involved in this Grand Trine are all mutable which means they tend to adaptable & flexible.  These energies will be activated within you and with the combination of the Trine and the New Moon in Virgo, you may experience the desire to overhaul many elements of your life.

The essence of Virgo energy is kind, nurturing, loving, abundant and affectionate. These tendencies are amplified by the New Moon.  By intentionally channeling these energies, you will be able to easily and effortlessly revolutionize new beginnings for yourself, your home and your business. 

Getting out of your comfort zone is really important right now.  This is the time to be a risk taker and go on new adventures, especially within a group setting as the affectionate and curious Virgo energy contributes to a deeper connection with your family & friends.  Renew relationships by becoming more passionate about your friendship or lover. Do something new, fun & exciting together.

Be bold. Show up. Be brave. Be vulnerable. Be seen. 

Show who you are and communicate with your most authentic true feelings. We’ve been taught to be very self-sufficient. Take the leap of faith and share of yourself. There will be no guarantees… this is about showing up without attachments to the outcome. This is the most opportune time of the year to push outside of your comfort zone.

Connect with your desires in new, exciting & different ways – with what you feel passionate about. Renew relationships – becoming more passionate about your friendship or lover – do something new, fun & excitement – passion, desire

This New Moon encourages you to release the need to be in control, to analyze every detail and insist on perfection.  It’s ok to relax and let situations and relationships unfold naturally, to be fluid and flexible.  

The Virgo energy encourages decluttering and streamlining, eating healthy and becoming aware of your inner thoughts.  You may consider new ways of eating, healing, exercising… Or something more visual like getting a new hairstyle or redecorating a room in your home.  This is an auspicious time to start a new project or venture, especially if they involve service to others. The stars & planets are all in the best possible alignment for these new projects to flourish easily.  

If you find that you have become lazy, bored or uninterested with your life, this is the best time to have some outside of the box thinking and brainstorm with your weird friends.  The creative juices will be flowing.

If you are facing a harsh reality, remember that you are creating your reality which means only YOU have the potential to recreate your reality.  And that by changing your perceptions you change your reality.  It really is that simple. 

This is the time to relax and make changes in a kind, gentle and positive way.  Connecting with the earthy & grounding energy of Virgo, realize that change is a natural evolution of who we are on a soul level.  Make changes without having to micro-manage everything… it will all flow into place effortlessly and without forcing it. Open yourself up to divine inspiration & new ways of thinking of old problems or goals. 

Usually, changes can be scary and make you feel out of your element.  Not this time! This is very orderly change… instead of the chaos that usually accompanies it.  Virgo likes things nice and neat and on time. Just like the seasons subtly change without any need to worry and stress about it, you yourself can evolve into the next season of your life.

Crystal recommendations:

Amazonite – Encourages loving communication, especially with the ability to see both sides of any situation.

Peach Moonstone – Connect to the Divine Feminine to amplify your passion, creativity and self-expression

Selenite – Soothes & calms your anxiety while bringing clarity and inner awareness

BONUS:  Shungite to protect yourself from negative energy and give you an energetic safe shelter to grow and transform.

Journal prompts: 

What is your focus as you move forward? 

Who would you like to communicate or reconnect with?

How can you streamline and invite tranquility to your life in practical ways?

New Moon Ceremony:

So in your New Moon ritual, I’m going to suggest that you:

  1. Set the space, set your space. Whatever that means for you. For me, it means essential oils, being in front of my altar or outside, depending on the weather. It means playing music that touches my heart, that touches my spirit. It means being in a quiet place where you’re not going to be interrupted or distracted.
  2. Write down those intentions and get very clear with those intentions, because the Universe hears our intentions. We want to make sure our intentions aren’t coming from a place of fear, but a place of love.
  3. Grab those crystals.  Be in that energy. Set the time to really connect and meditate with them.
  4. My favorite part of the ritual is to burn the intention. Setting it out is very symbolic. It’s saying to the Universe: this is my intention, it’s done, it’s complete, it’s out to the Universe and now it’s going to be happening.


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