If  you’re anything like me, this made no sense to you at first! What is a Divine Feminine? How do I awaken it? Why do I want to awaken it?

I was confused because even as a young child I wished I was more masculine because I related being masculine to strength! Little did I know how strong and courageous women opening themselves to to being seen and vulnerable were!

As modern-day women, we have been raised to “be strong” and “independent”.  We’ve had marches and protests for the right to vote, to drive, to own property, to marry out of love instead of pre-arranged marriages…  I could go on and on.  There are women who are fighting for these rights, even today.

Collectively, women have been fighting a quiet war to be treated as equals among men.  Unfortunately, that has taken it’s toll energetically.  In the United States over the last 100 years, we have made massive strides in women’s rights.  Our mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers paid the price for the freedoms that we enjoy today.  These are the women who inspire us to be strong & happy, to start our own businesses, to blaze our own trails.

Like all of nature, there are seasons – ebbs and flows – and we are lucky enough to be part of the harvest season for all the hard work our fore-mothers fought for.

Let’s start by explaining what the Divine Feminine is and how this actually pertains to all of us…

The Divine Feminine energy, also referred to as Shakti and or Shiva energy is the creative, expansive, compassionate, and expressive side of us. This energy lives within all of us, however we have been coming from a more masculine energy. The key is balance! Honestly, the key to everything in life is balance. Quite literally yin/yang energy!

During the last few generations of pushing past barriers, we have become collectively disconnected from our Divine Feminine energy.  Women had to embrace the “Yang” or masculine aspects of our nature to force through these challenges and have lost touch with the “Yin” or feminine aspects of our being.

Life is all about balance.  Each of us, male or female, possess Yin & Yang energy, light & dark.  By honoring our Divine Feminine energy, we are better able to tap into our intuition, be more creative, create a more loving environment for our family & friends and be more at peace with ourselves and with the world around us.

Feminine Energy is the creative life force of Earth. 

The Divine Feminine is:

  • Nurturing
  • Intuitive
  • Calm
  • Healing
  • Emotionally Connected
  • Creative
  • Compassionate

While some people might view these characteristics as “weak”, in fact, feminine energy is a quiet strength while masculine strength is more visible and “in your face”.  Neither is superior to the other and we each, male or female, have qualities of both.

Yin is stronger and more abundant than Yang, but Yang is more obvious and active. There is more water on earth than fire, for example, but fire phenomena such as lightning are more exciting and attract more attention.

DANIEL REID, The Tao Of Health, Sex And Longevity

Below are 7 tips to help you tap into and awaken your Divine Feminine Energy.

1- Awaken your heart chakra– One way I suggest doing this is by using Crystals, specifically Rose Quartz! You can wear your crystal, meditate with your crystal, and drink the energy of your crystal in an elixir.

2- Meditation– this seems obvious, but it’s a reminder to set time aside each day to quiet your mind by focusing on your breath with the intention of awakening your inner Goddess. I suggest placing the Rose Quartz on your heart center during your mediation’s!

3- Play– by playing you tap into your joy! What makes you joyful? Think about the music you play, creating what you love, playing with your children. It’s about allowing the energy of play and joy into our lives. This brings about deep healing and helps you to feel more alive!

4- Speak with Compassion– it’s so easy for us to fall into patterns of criticism and then finding people we can “vent” to and literally feed off of each other! Be very aware of how your are speaking and ask yourself first if what you are saying is kind and necessary. Now just to be clear, this is different than trying to understand what is happening and speaking with a confident, this is the speaking that feeds negative thinking patterns and quite literally shuts down our compassion and heart center.

5- Connect with Mother Earth– you can directly connect with Mother Earth by “Earthing”, you will literally walk barefoot on the Earth feeling the grass between your toes and the Earth beneath your feet.

6- Use a Himalayan Salt Lamp- These salt lamps are used for a lot more that ambience. They lift your mood, and they create negative ions in the room they are in, they reduce EMF’s for all our electronics, and they help to open our heart chakra. I personally have my on in my healing room 24 hours a day!

7- Self-Love– truly nurture and care for yourself. We are so use to hearing our own constant critical internal voice! It’s time to send that love and compassion that we are awakening to ourselves!

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