5 Must-Have Crystals

1.  Selenite

Selenite is high vibing cleansing crystal. Selenite is actually a form of Gypsum which make it a softer crystal.  Selenite quickly works to open and activate the Crown and higher chakras so if you are looking to deepen your connection to source energy then Selenite is a excellent stone to use. My personal favorite use of Selenite is to cleanse the Auric field of myself and my clients. It can also be used to the cleanse other crystals as well.

2.  Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz teaches self-love, unconditional love, and self-acceptance. Without self-love we are empty on the inside and we cannot authentically give to ourselves or anyone us until we fill ourselves with love. This may include forgiving ourselves as well. Rose Quartz is a Quartz based crystal so it will work to amplify our healing intentions. Rose Quartz is the perfect stone to help heal heart wounds which we all have. My personal belief is that we cannot heal without experiencing joy and Rose Quartz emits a joyful vibe.

3.  Auralite 23

Auralite 23 It is a recently discovered Crystal found in the Canadian Boreal Forest. Auralite 23 is like Amethyst on steroids! It is an excellent stone to meditate with and it is very calming therefore it helps to promote deep restful sleep. Auralite 23 is mainly Amethyst, however it is named Auralite 23 because it contains at least 23 other minerals (often times more) in this is an amazing crystal combination. Because of all the minerals in Auralite 23 it is an excellent master healing crystal as well. It is used to activate the Crown and Third Eye Chakras. The other two most prominent crystals found in Auralite 23 are Citrine and a rare form of Green Amethyst.  

Auralite 23’s are about 1.2 billion years old and they hold a lot of knowledge in them, therefore they are excellent healing crystals. Here is a list of a few other minerals that I feel are important and worth a mention ( Copper, Platinum, Iron, Pyrite, Hematite, and Magnite).

4.  Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is believed to be the most versatile stones in the mineral realm. Clear Quartz is an Energy Amplifier, memory store house, and conductor of energy, which makes it an excellent crystal to program, or give a job to. This is why clear Quartz is used in Quartz watches and our electronics. Clear Quartz also helps to bring clarity. If you struggle with some uncertainty then try meditating with clear quartz and keep a journal. I suggest using Clear Quartz when you are setting an intention, and with other crystals because it will amplify the energy of the other crystals. I also recommend using clear Quartz with your affirmations to help give them an energetic boost.


5.  Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a highly protective, grounding, and cleansing crystal. Many people who do healing / energy work use Black Tourmaline to keep their energy from entangling with their clients. Black Tourmaline is often thought of as an etheric vacuum cleaner,  Clearing our unwanted and disharmonious energies. It is even believed to help stop and clear our negative thought patterns and anxieties. Since Black Tourmaline is so cleansing and protective is recommended to place a piece by electronics and sleep with a piece under your pillow or on your nightstand. You can increase the healing energies of black Tourmaline by combining it with Smokey Quartz.

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