Through journaling,  we can  shed light on our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that we have that may not be obvious to us.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed or anxious, one of the ways I deal with the emotion is by writing out everything that is making me feel this way.

When I write down what’s bothering me on paper, I almost always find that it’s never as bad  as it seems in my head. The act of analyzing it, writing and dragging it out on paper, works wonders.

Three Hidden Benefits of Journaling: 

  1. Mindfulness
  2. Healing
  3. Clarity

Mindfulness:  By writing down how you feel & what you are thinking, you are forcing your mind to be fully present.  Some people use journaling as a form of meditation.

Healing:  Expressing your thoughts and emotions can be very cathartic.  Sometimes, our inner voice just needs to be heard in order to heal.  By journaling, you are expressing the emotions, thoughts and beliefs that are trapped inside.  We cannot heal what we don’t acknowledge.

Clarity:  Putting your pen to paper oftentimes brings clarity to a situation that previously seemed impossible.  We all naturally tend to make our situations more complicated then they really are.  By getting it out, in black and white, the answer – your next best step – will suddenly seem obvious.

Using crystals while you write will amplify these benefits.

Crystals for Journaling:

If you need a custom Holistic RX for your journaling practice, you can book a private, one-on-one consultation here >>

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I’ve created The Crystal Journal as a great tool for you to use to track your results & progress with Crystal Healing.  
37 pages that document your journey with crystals and crystal healing.  


  • Pages to document how different crystals affected each chakra
  • Dowsing & pendulums
  • Crystals and dreams
  • Crystal grids
  • New Moon manifesting
  • Full Moon releasing
  • Crystal Elixers
  • Crystal Healing
  • And More!