2019 Crystals For the New Year

Welcome to 2019!  I love the New Year.  It’s a time to reflect on the past 12 months, set goals and intentions for the next 12 months, it’s a time for fresh starts, new hopes, new resolutions…  

In pre-Christian times, when the modern calendar was being formed, the month of January was dedicated to Janus, the God of new beginnings, transitions and time.    Janus presided over both the beginning AND the end of conflicts, the same as January marks both the beginning of a New Year as well as saying goodbye to the last year.

Crystal Recommendation for 2019

The primary crystal recommendation for welcoming 2019 is Fluorite.

Fluorite is an incredible crystal to work with in times of transition.  Not only is is known to stimulate our minds, it also helps us to focus, helps bring your ideas to reality and is conducive to easy decision making. 
What are you doing to prepare for 2019?  Some people take this time of year to map out new goals.  Some people create new Mood Boards or Vision Boards.  Some people have resolutions…  I see a LOT of people coming up with their “word of the year”…  
This year, what about starting your new year with a journal exercise?  Instead of having a “word” or vision board, think about creating a “Focus Statement”.  Thnk of it like a Mission Statement (like for a business) with a twist…  A mission and focus with intention for growth over the next 12 months.
My focus statement will be what I want to focus on for 2019 and the things I need to focus on to make that focus statement my reality.
For example, if your focus is to make 100k this year, what are three things you can focus on right now to help you get there? 
This can mean a LOT of brainstorming and journal work – and that’s OK!  Just be sure to allow yourself the time and privacy to really focus on what you want your 2019 to look & feel like when you’re looking back at it a year from now.  You may find a mind-mapping application to be helpful.  A great free resource for this is MindMup.  You’re able to get all of your thoughts out of your head and organize them in an easy to read (and understand) format and then create your areas of focus for the whole year!
My top 3 Crystal Recommendations for 2019 are

  • Moonstone – for new beginnings
  • Clear Quartz – to amplify your intentions
  • Citrine – for stepping into your power, increasing your self-esteem and prosperity

Christmas season officially ends on January 6th, which is also the dates of three important celebrations:  the New Moon, the Solar Eclipse AND 3 King’s Day.  (You’ll see that the number “3” comes up a LOT in this blog post!)

During the 3 days before and after this well-times New Moon/Eclipse, the energy will be the strongest.  This would be an excellent day to write out your Focus Statement for 2019 as well as do a New Moon ritual.

Crystals for the New Moon in Capricorn

crystals for the new moon in capricorn - selenite, auralite, clear quartz

Of course, I always recommend Moonstone for the New Moon.  Other stones to tap into the energy of Janus, Capricorn and new beginnings are:

  • Selenite - for cleansing, new fresh energy, divine connection
  • Auralite 23 – Spiritual connection, especially if you are wanting to focus on your spiritual growth for the 2019
  • Clear Quartz – to amplify your intentions for the year

You can learn more about the Astrological aspects of the Solar Eclipse and the New Moon in Capricorn on J-Ma’s Blog here >> 

If you are documenting your journey with crystals, I recommend using my Crystal Journal for your intention setting rituals.  Not only does it have the New Moon, it also has the Full Moon, the Chakra System, elixirs and more!

Another exciting aspect of 2019 is that it is the “Year of the Pig” in Chinese Astrology.  The Year of the Pig symbolizes wealth and fortune.  It is about seeing your previous hard work pay off.  It is about stepping back to appreciate your accomplishments.  The Element associated with the 2019 Pig is Earth (this changes year to year in Chinese Astrology).  

In numerology, 2019 is a “3” year.  What does that mean?  According to AstroStyle, 2019 is all about creativity & self-expression.  2017 was focused on balancing the “me” and “we” energy (an 11/2 year).  With 11 being a master number, 2018 had the energy of major shifts in your life, connecting with your Higher Self, and creating a stable foundation to grow on.  The “3” energy of 2019 focuses on expressing yourself more freely and reaping the benefits from the changes you went through last year.  It’s time to settle into your new reality and see what else is possible for you!

You may also want to find out what YOUR personal number is for the 2019 New Year.  This online calculator can help you figure it out:  https://astrologyfutureeye.com/fortune-tellers/personal-year-numerology-calculator

By working with the energy of both of these numbers, you will amplify your intentions for the coming year.

Specific Areas of Focus

When working with the “3” energy of 2019, there are a few crystals I recommend for each area of focus:

Crystals for New Beginnings:

  • Black Tourmaline – Helps when releasing negative feelings, emotions & habits that you may still be carrying with you from 2018
  • Onyx - Improves our control over our own actions making it great for setting and achieving goals
  • Smokey Quartz - Helps rid and neutralize your body of negative thoughts and emotions

Crystals for Communication:

  • Aquamarine - Helps you tap into and speak your truth with confidence
  • Angelite – For spiritual communication, communicating with your higher self, receiving messages from subconscious
  • Amazonite – For speaking truth from your heart

Crystals for Emotional Healing:

  • Lepidolite – Working through traumas this year
  • Rose quartz – Loving yourself and attracting love of all kinds
  • Rhodochrosite – Emotional healing, especially deep wounds from the past (childhood, violence, shaming, panic attacks, etc)

Crystals for Attracting Health and Prosperity:

  • Citrine - Attracts abundance, wealth, good luck, success & prosperity
  • Green Jade – Lucky charm for prosperity (Green Jade is also the Crystal for the Jade Emporer who is the inspiration for the Year of the Pig)
  • Tiger’s Eye - Inspires creativity when it comes to creating and growing wealth

Yoga Poses

For this time of transition, I recommend Yoga poses that focus on strengthening your core.  The rest of your body works much more efficiently when your core is healthy and strong.

Recommended Yoga Poses:

  • Plank
  • Boat Pose
  • Breath of Fire

Essential Oils

Essential oils are proven to help you be in the driver’s seat when it comes to your emotional & physical well-being.  

Recommended Essential Oils:

  • Wild Orange – Uplifting without nervous energy.  It helps facilitate a calm but focused energy.
  • Balance blend – Grounding blend with Frankincense 
  • Serenity blend – Soothing blend that contains Lavender 



According to India Times, Chanting is not just about religion and spirituality; rather it’s a combination of sound, breath and rhythm that helps you to channel your energy.  Mantras help improve your immune system, help balance the chakra system,   increases concentration and more!

One of my favorite Mantras videos is only 6 minutes long and is called the Aum Shree Ram.  Try listening to it while you are journaling or working with your crystals.  Once you’ve listened a few times, you can try chanting along with the video.  The lyrics are simple, “Aum shree Ram jay Ram jay jay Ram”.   These words are said to purify the heart.  In Hinduism, Om or Aum is the pure sound of the universe.

Wrapping it all up…

This year is all about FOCUS.  What are you focusing on?  The energy of the “3” year combined with the Janus energy of January (not to mention the New Moon, the Eclipse and everything else!) makes this New Moon & New Year energy that much more powerful & potent.  Take the time to write out your 2019 Focus Statement (preferably while wearing Fluorite).  Focus on what you want.  You’ve laid the foundations.  Now is the time to GO FOR IT.

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